Utah Tactical Coaching Courses

(Private Coaching)       We specialize in unique one-on-one training designed to help you meet your individual shooting goals at your own pace.  Are you needing an instructor to work with you on the basics until you are comfortable handling your firearm?  Need one on one help with more advanced training like precision rifle?  We can teach specifically to your needs to enable you to progress in areas you want to improve and at your individual pace. Our normal rate for private instruction is $100 for a two hour session, with an additional $10 range fee.  This is primarily what we do every day.  Contact us for details.  

*NEW*   Concealed Carry Boot Camp
This is taught in two different formats, a three day a week, six week course, or an intensive three day course.  We teamed up with Fortified Krav Maga in Layton to provide a well rounded skillset to help the concealed firearm permit holder be more prepared for a variety of threats.   We cover advanced carry skills, handgun skills, medical skills, vehicle and home security considerations and lots of hand to hand training.   A range session is included and so is force on force training.   Check it out!    http://www.fortifiedkravmaga.com/ccbc3day

(UTCFP) Utah Concealed Firearms Permit Course      This can be taught to couples/groups in your home, individuals or couples at my office in Ogden on weeknight evenings or see our UTCFP course schedule.  We also teach this course in your home if you get five or more people.  Get ten or more and the host gets their course for free.  NRA, UT BCI Certified Instructors.  Course Cost- $50, includes everything needed to submit your application along with an additional hour of training that we provide for free.  (Prints/Pics/Copies/Application/Addressed envelope)

(INTCCW) Intro in carrying a concealed weapon $150, 2hrs classroom, 4hrs range (100 rnds ammo for experienced shooters, 200 rounds for those needing help with their basic shooting skills)
After receiving your CFP, you'll need training to enable you to make the correct tactical decisions and the practiced ability to draw your weapon and engage your target.  This course is the next step after UTCFP and is a building block required for more advanced training and is a hugely popular class as it takes all the legal, tactical and mindset information taught in the UTCFP course and puts the student in situations he/she is most likely to encounter. We keep this class small, to both facilitate a super safe range and to ensure everyone is getting the personal coaching they need to prepare them for the real world. We end the day with force-on-force training where you must decide on appropriate responses to an assailant's aggressive behavior.  Learn what to do before, during and after you are forced to use a firearm in self- defense. 

(BCPT) Basic Combat Pistol Training $150, 4hrs range (300 rnds ammo)
Those familiar with handguns, and who have a strong grasp on the basics will find this course challenging in both the amount of information you will be presented with and the shooting drills you will participate in.  This is a moderately strenuous course which can be tailored toward either tactical or concealed carry type training.   

(BART) Basic Assault Rifle Training $150, 4hrs range (500 rnds ammo)
This 'rifle only' course is for those interested in learning the nuances of gun fighting with assault rifles.  This is a very strenuous course and requires a dedicated and physically fit student willing to push their personal limits with the mindset that 'the more you sweat in training, the less you bleed in combat'.  A basic level of proficiency is required for group courses.  One on one coaching is available for those totally new to the assault rifle.  This extended course is $50 extra and one hour longer (6 hrs total for one on one)

(INTPR) Intro to Precision Rifle   $250 one day, 5 hours, Depending on your current level of performance, this course can be modified to either be longer or shorter.  Contact us so we can provide exactly what you need.   Most students are making hits at 1300 yards while understanding the fundamentals involved in doing so on the first day.   Normally taught as a one on one course, this can be taught to small groups.  

(WOSPRC) "Wall of Shame" pistol/rifle challenge $200, 5hrs range (150/300 rnds ammo)
If BART and BCPT were up your alley, this challenge course will surely get your attention.  Combining the skills, tactics and mindset developed in BCPT and BART and putting them to the test with the "Wall of Shame".  Successfully completing this challenge will impart the condifence that you can handle yourself, with multiple weapons, in a high stress environment.  Completion of BART, BCPT, and getting approval from the lead instructor is required for WOSPRC.  

(EPFT) Executive Protection Firearms Training $300, 6hr range (50/150 rnds ammo)
BCPT and BART are prerequisites for this specialized course designed to teach you the nuances involved in protecting another person using both handguns and long guns.  This course is strong on threat reaction theory, techniques and foot movements.  This course is a required building block for the INTPSD course, where you will be working with numerous other armed individuals, in sync, to protect a client in a hostile environment.  

(INTPSD) Intro to Personal Security Details $400, 3hrs classroom 7hrs range (100/300 rnds ammo)
BCPT, BART and EPFT are prerequisites for this course.  This is a course designed to teach the student 
to operate as an integral part of a PSD team and therefore the class must consist of 5 or more students.  This course will be scheduled when enough students with the required prerequisites sign up on the waiting list.  This is an introduction course, taught using the Dept of State (DOS) World Wide Personal Protection Specialist (WPPS) training standards.  

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